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Sweetgrass Loop Basket with Love Knots
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Item #: lh-17

Sweetgrass Loop Basket with Love Knots

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Sweetgrass Loop Basket with Love Knots
Sweetgrass Loop Basket with Love Knots
ITEM # LH-17
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Approximate Dimensions:12 inches long at the top and 9 inches wide, 9 inches long at the base and 8 inches tall.

This basket is very special...note the brown knots along the top knots she calls them. They are made of pine straw which she soaks to make it pliable and then weaves the tiny knots into her finishing coils. Takes a long time to get that right, she says, but they'll last forever as long as you USE them,...that you feel the wonderful tight coils of her weaving and enjoy the smell of the sweetgrass in your home.

Lillie's inspiration and skill insures that each will be unique in design and coloration. She gathers and dries her own grasses to insure their quality.

Baskets are purchased by museums and art collectors throughout the world, such as the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution. Each basket reflects the artist's skill as both designer and technician. A basket's value increases with age and with proper care will last indefinitely. Examples of Lowcountry coil basketry exist that are well over a century old.

Because the grasses used in these baskets are from wetlands and marsh areas, water will not hurt them. With a soft brush or cloth, they can be carefully washed in soapy water and rinsed thoroughly in cold water. They should then be air dried. This is the only care they require.