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Egret Pillow
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Egret Pillow


Product Description

A prominent member of the Heron family, the Great Egret is only slightly smaller than his cousin, the Great Blue Heron. Easily recognized in flight by the S-curve in his retracted neck, he is all white except for his black feet and yellow beak.

This beautiful creature is very widely distributed along the sunbelt; he travels the world over and may be spotted in many locations on his annual Snowbird Run.

The Great White has been hand painted on lightweight upholstery fabric with permanent textile paints and is suited for use on your deck, patio or garden bench as well as indoors. Measures 19" square and about 6" thick in the center. Filled with a removable polyester fiberfill insert; cover can be spot cleaned, hosed off, gently washed or dry cleaned. Insert is machine-washable and dryable.

These beautiful creatures have a five-foot wingspan and stand around three feet tall. For all their elegance in flight, they sound pretty ungraceful with their attempts to imitate a rusty castle gate. They dine upon fish, frogs, small mammals, reptiles and insects, using their bill as a spear. All menu items are swallowed whole, no teeth, I guess. They can gobble a lot of grasshoppers over their fifteen-year lifespan!

Every year Mr. and Mrs. Egret hatch three or four baby egrets; unfortunately, there is a high mortality rate due to adolescent violence extant in egret society. At least the parents have stable long-term relationships -- most of them stay with their S. O. for life.

In the 1800's the egret was 95% decimated by plume hunters (Vanity, thy name is headwear), and their plight helped motivate the formation of The National Audubon Society. Since 1953 the Great Egret has been the symbol of this wonderful organization.

Note: Hand painted for you, no two are alike.

Estimated Production Time

Custom made upon order. Production time is about 4 weeks.

Shipping & Returns

Custom made for you. Not eligible for return or exchange. Please view our return policy for more information. Ships ground service.
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Egret Pillow
Egret Pillow
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