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Crabbers of the Caribbean Pillow
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Crabbers of the Caribbean Pillow


Product Description

The climate is not exactly tropical here on our little island -- the only palm trees are found in the landscaping at the local bank, and almost nobody has a tan. But we do have crabs -- lots and lots of delicious Dungeness crabs, often considered the best of the edible crustacea. Climate notwithstanding, we be crabbing pirates here!

The months of July and August are spent largely in the pursuit of the delectable creatures. This requires considerable effort; schlepping the rowboat to the water's edge, rowing out as far as needed to those sweet spots where the crabs congregate, dropping the traps and marking them with buoys, then reversing the steps hours later for the harvest.

The huge wire crabtraps might be empty except for bait or a marauding sunstar, or they might be full of pugnacious, angry crabs who have turned their frustration upon each other. Yes, try to break up a crab wrestling match, and some of the extreme fighters emerge with their decapod status compromised. WARNING: Good Samaritan efforts may result in personal injury; the feisty Dungeness can break a finger or inflict a nasty cut with their powerful pinchers.

Admittedly proud of my reputation as a somewhat successful crab hunter, I have designed this indoor-outdoor pillow to remind myself of many triumphant homecomings, bearing all-we-can-eat gifts from the sea. The design has been hand-painted onto commercial all-weather fabric with permanent textile paints. Use this 19"x19" pillow indoors or out, on board your crab catcher vessel or in the media room. The removable insert contains 13 ounces of polyester fiberfill in a polypropylene casing, and the cover can be spot cleaned, hosed off, or gently laundered. Also available in white on black in this shop.

Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and copyrighted on a saltwater island north of Seattle, where the Dungeness are respected, loved and consumed with gusto and butter! Have a snappy day.

Note: Hand painted for you, no two are alike.

Estimated Production Time

Custom made upon order. Production time is about 4 weeks.

Shipping & Returns

Custom made for you. Not eligible for return or exchange. Please view our return policy for more information. Ships ground service.
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Crabbers of the Caribbean Pillow
Crabbers of the Caribbean Pillow
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