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Whale Lumbar Pillow
Whale Lumbar Pillow
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Whale Lumbar Pillow


Product Description

Their scientific name takes note of their flippers, which are one-third the length of their entire body; translated as "giant wing". They are found in all the major oceans of our planet. At the conclusion of a body roll, they often slap the surface of the ocean with their huge wing-like pectoral fins. It takes a lot of hunting for each whale to round up the 3,000 pounds of krill and small fish required on a daily basis; humpback whales are known to cooperatively food-gather with bubble net feeding -- fascinating!

Every individual whale's unique coloration and tail are like fingerprints. Those white bumps on the jaws are barnacles, perhaps hundreds of pounds of them; and those dark bumps are tubercles, each containing a giant whale hair which may act as a sound or vibration sensing device. Females reach lengths of 50' (males slightly less), and weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.

Oh, yes -- they like to sing. This most haunting of nature's sounds may be heard for hundreds of miles, and the songs change each year. Each grouping of humpback whales has a different song from other groups. Whalewatchers by the thousands venture onto the world's oceans in search of the thrill of seeing humpback whales breach (leap out of the water) and land on their backs. No one knows just why they do this, but what a sight to behold! I prefer to think they are jumping just for the sheer joy of it.

The pillow measures 13" x 20" and is about 4" thick at the center. Envelope closure on the reverse allows you to remove its separate polyester fiberfill insert for laundering, or just spot clean or hose clean on the patio; air dry flat. It's fashioned of indoor-outdoor fabric with permanent nontoxic textile paint, and withstands all the weather that Mother Nature can inflict on us. Perfectly safe for outdoor use, perfectly lovely for interiors.

Painted one at a time by hand on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, where people delight in spotting gray whales on their yearly migration to Alaska.

Note: Hand painted for you, no two are alike.

Estimated Production Time

Custom made upon order. Production time is about 4 weeks.

Shipping & Returns

Custom made for you. Not eligible for return or exchange. Please view our return policy for more information. Ships ground service.
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Whale Lumbar Pillow
Whale Lumbar Pillow
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