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Koi Pillow
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Koi Pillow


Product Description

About a thousand years ago the Chinese began breeding domesticated carp for preferred colors and markings to add beauty to outdoor ponds and water gardens. In the 1800's this pursuit was taken up by the Japanese, and now koi are popular the world over. The name "koi" translates to "brocaded carp", but is also a homophone for "affection" or "love". Traditionally, Koi symbolize friendship and goodwill. Their image is currently popular in skin art.

Depicted on this pillow are a couple of the dozens of breeds (each has its own name)handpainted on weather-resistant fabric; the pillow measures 19"x19"x5". Each pillow is just a bit different from the others since they are individually hand-painted; not a reprint, reproduction, transfer or decal. The polyester fiberfill insert is removable through the envelope closure on the reverse, and the cover may be spot cleaned, hosed off or gently washed and air dried. Designed, painted, sewn, stuffed, signed and by the artist in the Pacific Northwest U.S.

It is not entirely true that koi size is relative to the size of his pond. However, given time and food and disease control, koi can achieve impressive size -- up to a meter (about 3.25 feet) in length. They are omnivorous and seem especially fond of watermelon and lettuce. Koi can be trained to eat from their caregiver's hands; it's quite a sight to see a school of them all crowding together in a frenzy at feeding time. Koi can live for centuries; an individual named Hanako, who died in 1977, was 226 years old. These fascinating fish come in a wide range of colors, including red, black, white, orange, bronze, yellow, pale blue, burgundy and metallic gold.

Note on the artistic process: The photos depict this design in the orange and red coloration. If you purchase a koi pillow, it may be the exact one in the photos, or it may be a fraternal twin; but it will be substantially the same although not necessarily exactly identical. Hand painted for you, no two are alike.

Estimated Production Time

Custom made upon order. Production time is about 4 weeks.

Shipping & Returns

Custom made for you. Not eligible for return or exchange. Please view our return policy for more information. Ships ground service.
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Koi Pillow
Koi Pillow
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